Case Studies
Strictly Past Life
Michael Judd
B.A.  B.Ed.  M.A.
Michael was born in Egypt, lived in England, India and South Africa before coming to Canada.

He taught Psychology at Vancouver City College while taking his M.A. in Psychology. He had a private practice as a therapist and taught Math and Science at a Secondary School.

For the past 30 years, he has offered Past Life Regression workshops through several local School Board's adult education programs. He has also conducted numerous private workshops.

Michael is presently retired, but will continue to hold occasional workshops and private pastlife parties. He will also accept clients for past life therapy. (see Sessions)

Past Life Regression

Michael continues to be fascinated by the events and characters of his client's past lives and how they relate to present life struggles and issues.


Michael is a Master Hypnotist and Past Life Regression Therapist.


Rugby was Michael's principle sport having played for his Province, University and local Men's teams.


Michael enjoys ballroom dancing, billiards, table tennis, chess and bridge.