Strictly Past Life
Past Life Regression May Be the Key to Understanding Present Life Relationships
by Michael Judd

You may be living with someone you have lived with in a previous lifetime. Souls are drawn back together for many reasons. It could be a strong emotional connection or a Karmic debt that draws the two souls back together. On the other hand, souls may reunite to facilitate their further development in a common talent or pursuit. It can be valuable to explore past life connections in order to appreciate and enrich present life relationships. Past life regression can help you examine your past lives to discover those connections.

Family members develop strong positive emotional ties which transcend this worldly existence. So it is not uncommon for relatives to live many lives together. The relationships and the sexes might be different, but the positive emotional bond remains the same. One of the definitions of “soul mate” embraces the principle of a strong romantic love connection between two souls. Often roles are reversed, but the amorous bond remains constant. Emotions need not be positive for an association between souls to be formed. Relationships that are hurtful engender strong negative emotions. If these feelings are not resolved in this life, they will need to be reconciled in a future life.

Malicious or evil deeds that incur Karmic debt may or may not result in the involved souls being brought back together again. All parties need to resolve their issues, but not necessarily together. Other times, particularly where there is an established relationship such as father/daughter or husband/wife, the souls reunite to work out any carried over negativity. So if you have been involved in a spiteful break-up and you continue to harbor ill will towards your former partner, you may be back together again to work things out.
There are times when groups of souls reunite to advance common goals. The objective may be to develop artistically or perhaps spiritually. Whatever the purpose, the group compliments each other in achieving the goals. In one of Dick Sutphen’s books he talks about a large group of souls reincarnating together to resolve Karmic debt incurred between the Incas and the Spanish Conquistadors. This group has apparently come together in Arizona.

From my 30 years of experience, I have observed that the one thing that draws souls back together again and again is strong emotions. The emotions may be positive or negative. The souls that are reunited experience feelings or suspicions about each other in their new lives which have their origins in another time, yet influence present day relationships. Understanding the source of these feelings and suspicions will help facilitate better present day relationships.

You have probably lived in a past life with someone you presently know. Issues from the past can greatly influence present day relationships. Understanding the past can promote harmony and avoid repeating dysfunctional patterns.

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