Strictly Past Life

Past Life Regression - As Entertainment
by Michael Judd


I have often been invited to lead a small group of friends in an evening of Past Life Regression. They are looking for an evening of entertainment. Some in the group may believe in reincarnation, others may not. Many times, no one in the group has experienced either hypnosis or past life regression. It will be a novel experience for them and there is often a sense of excitement and apprehension which is shared by the group.

The evening usually starts with a brief introduction to hypnosis and the regression process. This helps to allay any fears or misconceptions. After the introduction, I tell them to make themselves comfortable, the lights are dimmed, and the music is turned on. I use music to help mask extraneous noises and to maintain contact while I am not speaking. The first part of the session involves relaxation and guided imagery which is necessary to attain a reasonable level of trance. Once this is achieved, the group is led back through time and space to another time, another place and another body. They are asked to become aware of their surroundings and then become aware of themselves. Questions like (What name do you go by? What year is it? What country do you live in?) are asked to help orient the person in their past life. They are then directed to several important points in their past life.

The session ends by having everyone return to the present time. Before they are awakened, they are given a suggestion that the next time they will relax more deeply and experience everything more fully and completely. The lights are turned up, the music is turned off and each person relates his or her experience to the others. The stories are all different. Some stories are sketchy and lacking detail while others are all-embracing and fascinating. This format serves two purposes. First, listening to the experiences of others helps those who are still apprehensive and having difficulty. Second, it allows me to determine how best to proceed with further regressions. If everyone in the group has past life experiences, then I start with the individual regressions. If some in the group are having difficulty, then I may choose to do a second group regression before I work with each individual.

I listen carefully to how each person perceives their experience. Someone may think that what they have experienced is just their imagination. Another may think that their experience was triggered by a book they have read or a movie they have seen. But most of the group usually accepts their experience as real. How each person perceives their experience will determine how I structure their individual regression session.
The individual regression sessions are always more interesting to experience and to listen to because I am aware of where they are, who they are, and what is happening in their past life. I can ask pertinent questions and lead them to meaningful events in that life. Those who are watching, often see subtle changes in the appearance of the person being regressed. They can hear the emotions in that personís voice. They are intrigued by the story that unfolds.

At the end of the evening, everyone agrees that the event has been thoroughly entertaining. They often wish to have another evening together. Some want to pursue their past life exploration with individual sessions. All agree that the evening has provided more than entertainment. For some, it has provided greater self awareness; for others, something to think about and explore; and for a few, a profoundly meaningful and therapeutic experience. If you have not experienced a past life regression, then doing so with a small group of friends is an effective, pleasant and non threatening way to start.

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