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Past Life Regression: A Safe Method For Personal Growth And Therapeutic Change
by Michael Judd
Hypnosis is the principle method used to regress someone to a past life. As a result, clients often express concerns about the safety of both hypnosis and the regression process. It is therefore necessary to dispel any misconceptions or apprehensions about hypnosis before one can deal with the question of whether or not past life regression is safe.

Many year ago, I was asked to be on a phone-in radio program dealing with past life regression. I recall one caller who asked if I knew that hypnosis was a tool of the Devil. I responded by saying that I was not as familiar with the Devil as he might be, but if the Devil used hypnosis, it must be a very effective tool. A frequent concern about hypnosis is that of control. Is the hypnotized person controlled by the hypnotist? The answer is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and the hypnotist is a facilitator who enables their client to go into trance. The client is always in control and they won’t do anything they don’t want to do. There are several other common misconceptions and concerns about hypnosis which I will not go into in this article.

Some clients or students who have not experienced past life regression have concerns about the safety of the process. One common fear is that they might be open to being possessed by some malevolent spirit. This sentiment has been expressed by certain well known writers. I do not adhere to this conviction, but I will place a protective white light around a client who expresses this concern. I do not believe in possession by evil spirits and I certainly do not believe that you expose yourself to any external harm during a regression session. There is the concept of walk-ins which can occur, but only by mutual consent and never during a regression session. (A walk-in is a soul who takes over a body when the original soul decides that they cannot continue in the life they are in. The new soul takes it over because it feels it can benefit from that life.

Another fear that is frequently expressed is that the person might go to a traumatic event in a past life and that they may be psychologically damaged by the experience. It is possible to go to a traumatic episode during a regression, but though the experience might be quite dramatic, it is invariably constructive. In a therapeutic setting it is frequently the aim of the therapist to enable a patient to recall a traumatic event which is at the root of a particular symptom and thereby purge any associated pathogenic memories through the process of catharsis. In a non-therapeutic setting, it is advantageous to temporarily detach the client from the scene so that they are looking down at what is happening while remaining calm and relaxed. The client can view the events to completion while remaining composed.

Yet another concern is that one may find out that they were extremely evil in a past life. While this is possible, most people who encounter such a life tend to avoid exploring it unless it is particularly relevant to their present life. If they do go to such a life, all I say is, “Look how far you have progressed!” It is also important to remember that you may have chosen such a life to facilitate the development of other souls. Knowledge of having lived a life of evil is not something to brag about, but it is not going to be devastating. It is easy to counter such a life with one that was selfless and noble.

Past life regression is a potent technique for therapeutic change and for personal growth. It is, however, no more dangerous than meditation which is also a powerful tool for self development. The only problem with meditation is that it takes self discipline and years of practice to achieve constructive results. Past life regression can achieve results in a much shorter period of time. It is not uncommon for a phobia to be eliminated or for a relationship issue to be resolved in one session. Both past life regression and meditation are valuable techniques; both are completely safe. The only danger that can come from exploring your past lives is from those people who disapprove of past life regression. Such disapproval is often spawned from ignorance.

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