Strictly Past Life

Past Life as a Therapeutic Technique
by Michael Judd

What many therapists fail to recognize is that past life regression therapy is a therapeutic technique. They confuse the technique with the religious concept of reincarnation. They do not believe in Reincarnation so they dismiss the therapy without examining its merits. Their attitude is somewhat like a professor I had while I was taking my masters in psychology. His specialty was Physiological Psychology. I asked him about ESP and he said that he could not consider the concept because it would negate everything he knew about sensory perception.

Past life regression is just a technique like dream analysis or free association. The difference is that it is easier to understand for both the client and the therapist. The therapist should not allow his or her belief system to interfere with the therapeutic process. If your client believes in past lives, then the therapist should treat the client’s experience as real. If your client does not believe in past lives, then the experience can be structured as a metaphor for their present life. By structuring your approach to the client, you avoid any cognitive dissonance they might have had.

Many clients need to understand the cause of their problems. Not knowing the cause is unsettling. Once they know the cause, they feel more able to deal with the problem. Does it really matter if the cause of the client’s problem is found in their past or their present life? If the client accepts the cause, then they will be more willing to deal with the problem. Is this a simplistic approach? Not really! Most Behaviourist do not believe that finding a cause is necessary. They believe that if you change the behaviour you fix the problem. If finding a cause facilitates behavioural change, then why not find one?

Therapists do not question the therapeutic and cathartic value of an abreaction particularly when it occurs within the constructive and supportive relationship offered by the therapist. The recall and revivification of repressed material accompanied by an affective emotional response and release of tension is almost always beneficial to the client. The catharsis which results from an abreaction is equally as therapeutic regardless of whether the repressed material is from a past life or a present life memory.

Personally, I believe in Reincarnation. However, I do not let my belief influence my approach to a client. Not all situations require past life regression. Often other techniques are used instead of or in conjunction with past life regression; but, for many problems it is the method of choice. It is fast and efficient. Frequently, further benefits accrue. Past life regression therapy is a powerful and effective technique and should not be dismissed because of objections to the theory of reincarnation.

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