Case Studies
Strictly Past Life
Case Studies
Contacting the Departed

We all have Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels that are available to assist us in our daily lives. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are considered synonymous by some and different by others. Those who see them as different believe that Spirit Guides have been in body before and have had experiences similar to what we are expected to go through. On the other hand, Guardian Angels have never had a physical body. Deceased loved ones can also act as our guides for a period of time. All are available and willing to help us, but we need to learn to communicate with them to receive their help. (Read more)

A WWII Pilot Who Died on a Mission

In 1985, I was approached by an acquaintance of mine to do a show on Past Life Regression. He was associated with our local community cable network. He would bring someone I didnít know to be regressed; and if successful, he would film a subsequent regression. He wanted to make sure that everything was on the up-and-up. (Read more)

Captain Kiddís Buried Treasure

A young woman came to see me for a regression. She was a demur, soft-spoken music teacher who wished to explore her past lives. She was a good subject and easily achieved a reasonable level of trance. I regressed her back in time to a past life of her subconscious mindís choice. She had some difficulty getting oriented to where she was at first. Apparently, she was unsure as to whether it was day or night. Gradually, she realized that it was day time as she could see a ship anchored in the distance. She realized that she was in a dark cave looking out toward a ship. (Read more)

A Pope From Calgary

About twenty five years ago at one of my Wednesday night drop-in evenings, one of the regular attendees brought her young nephew to the meeting. He was in his early twenties and I believe he lived in Calgary. The evening started with a group regression and relaxation session. It was very evident that this young man was a deep somnambulist. We decided that I would do an individual regression with him. I also decided to give him a suggestion that he would not recall or be aware of anything while he was reliving the events of a past life. I did this to ensure that his conscious mind was completely set aside. I recorded the session so that he could listen to it afterwards. What unfolded was quite amazing. (Read more)