Strictly Past Life
’Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure
by Michael Judd

A young woman came to see me for a regression. She was a demur, soft-spoken music teacher who wished to explore her past lives. She was a good subject and easily achieved a reasonable level of trance. I regressed her back in time to a past life of her subconscious mind’s choice. She had some difficulty getting oriented to where she was at first. Apparently, she was unsure as to whether it was day or night. Gradually, she realized that it was day time as she could see a ship anchored in the distance. She realized that she was in a dark cave looking out toward a ship.

I asked her to become aware of herself and her surroundings. Was she by herself or with others; was she male or female; what name did she go by; how old; what year; etc. Things were not as yet clear for her.  She knew she was male and that there were other males with her, but nothing else seemed to be clear. Slowly, she came to realize that she was the Captain of the ship but still there was no name.

I decided to take him back to when he was a young child in the hope that the memories would become clearer. The memories were much clearer. We learned that he lived in Scotland and that his name was Will Kidd although he preferred to be called Willie. He was not happy at home as his father was extremely strict. He decided to leave Scotland with a friend and travel to the New World. He arranged passage to Boston in exchange for working on board ship. He was able to do this as the Captain was short of crew and had already needed to press some crew members into service. He told me that he was about 18 when he left and that the year was 1663. He also told me that something important happened but that he could not remember what it was. He thought it may be connected to royalty. I checked the date and found that Charles II granted peerage dignity to his illegitimate child, James Scott, who became Duke of Monmouth in 1663. This was important at that time because Charles II had no legitimate heirs to the throne.

At this point, I connected the name Will Kidd with the notorious Captain Kidd. I was anxious to return to the cave to see if there was any treasure involved. This time in the cave the images were much clearer. He was able to describe his clothing, shoes, and himself. It was apparent, however, that ‘her’ conscious mind was still partly involved as ‘she’ commented on how big his arms were compared to hers. Nevertheless, Captain Kidd was able to confirm that he indeed was burying treasure. He described the cave entrance as only being visible during low tide. The treasure chest was placed on the floor of the cave. Rocks from other parts of the island were collected and put layer upon layer so that they covered the chest at a slope and no one would know that that was not the floor of the cave. He also said that this was an unchartered island.
You may guess what I asked him next. “What is the latitude and longitude of the Island?” He seemed hesitant to give me those coordinates, but he eventually did. I asked him if he was going to mark the spot on a map and he said no. The crew members were not able to read navigation maps so they would not be able to return to this island on their own. If the position was not marked on a map, they could not steal the map to the treasure. He told me that he had recorded the latitude and longitude of the island on his belt. He had cut two strands of his belt to represent the coordinates. It was interesting for me to note that as my client got more into the regression, ‘her’ language became coarse and ‘her’ voice became gruff. At this point, the session ended. We made another appointment and I told her not to research Captain Kidd.

When she returned for her next appointment, she confessed that she had researched Captain Kidd as she had known nothing about him. This meant that any subsequent past life memories about Captain Kidd could be supplemented or even altered by consciously learned material. I regressed her back to Captain Kidd again. I learned that he was hired as a privateer by the British to disrupt the trade between Holland and India. They had agreed to split the booty 50 - 50 on his return. I also learned that he had married and had two children. He told me that his ship was outfitted with many cannon and that the British had taken many of his crew and replaced them with what he called wharf rats. I learned that on this mission, that took him off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, he accidently attacked a British ship (something about flying the wrong flag). On his return to Boston, he learned that he was going to be charged with piracy. It was at this point, he decided to bury some treasure.

Of the coast of Boston, he apparently buried more treasure. He had stopped at an island that had an old ruined fort. He placed the treasure next to the well on the island. He built the wall of the well around the treasure stating that no one would think to tear down the wall of the well. When he finally returned to Boston (or New York), he was imprisoned, sent back to England, convicted of piracy and hanged.

The second regression, although informative, may not have been as accurate as the first. I believe that some of what she told me was influenced by what she had read. The first regression session, although sketchy in parts, was much more authentic. It is fascinating to think that on a small island in the Caribbean there is a cave which contains a treasure chest which was buried by Captain Kidd.

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