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Past Life Regression May Be the Key to Understanding Present Life Relationships

You may be living with someone you have lived with in a previous lifetime. Souls are drawn back together for many reasons. It could be a strong emotional connection or a Karmic debt that draws the two souls back together. On the other hand, souls may reunite to facilitate their further development in a common talent or pursuit. It can be valuable to explore past life connections in order to appreciate and enrich present life relationships. Past life regression can help you examine your past lives to discover those connections
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You Can Directly Contact Deceased Loved Ones

We all have Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels that are available to assist us in our daily lives. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are considered synonymous by some and different by others. Those who see them as different believe that Spirit Guides have been in body before and have had experiences similar to what we are expected to go through. On the other hand, Guardian Angels have never had a physical body. Deceased loved ones can also act as our guides for a period of time. All are available and willing to help us, but we need to learn to communicate with them to receive their help.
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Past Lives, Future Lives and the Concept of Time

About 39 years ago a movie called “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” was released in the theaters. It stared Barbra Streisand as Daisy Gamble and Yves Montand as the psychiatrist Dr. Marc Chabot. Daisy had come to Dr. Chabot to be hypnotized to stop smoking. During the course of the treatment, Daisy spontaneously regresses back to Lady Melinda Winifred Waine Tentrees, a seductive Dr. Chabot becomes fascinated by this 19th century character and continued to explore the past life. The dean of the university with which Dr. Chabot was associated told Chabot to stop investigating past lives as it was giving the university a bad name. A little later he returns and tells Chabot to continue with his research as one of the major benefactors of the university would like to know who he will be in a future life so that he can leave his money to his future self.
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Past Life as a Therapeutic Technique

What many therapists fail to recognize is that past life regression therapy is a therapeutic technique. They confuse the technique with the religious concept of reincarnation. They do not believe in Reincarnation so they dismiss the therapy without examining its merits. Their attitude is somewhat like a professor I had while I was taking my masters in psychology. His specialty was Physiological Psychology. I asked him about ESP and he said that he could not consider the concept because it would negate everything he knew about sensory perception.
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Past Life Regression: A Safe Method For Personal Growth And Therapeutic Change

Hypnosis is the principle method used to regress someone to a past life. As a result, clients often express concerns about the safety of both hypnosis and the regression process. It is therefore necessary to dispel any misconceptions or apprehensions about hypnosis before one can deal with the question of whether or not past life regression is safe.
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Past Life Regression: An inexpensive evening of entertainment

Past life regression can be an enjoyable and fascinating experience. It is a therapeutic technique, but it can also be a wonderful form of entertainment. The past life regression experience is always interesting. It is interesting to experience; it is interesting to listen to. All you need is a quiet place free from interruptions, a few friends, two or three different good past life regression recordings, and a willingness to try something new. The cost of the recordings, if shared, would be negligible and they are reusable.
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Past Life Regression – As Entertainment

I have often been invited to lead a small group of friends in an evening of Past Life Regression. They are looking for an evening of entertainment. Some in the group may believe in reincarnation, others may not. Many times, no one in the group has experienced either hypnosis or past life regression. It will be a novel experience for them and there is often a sense of excitement and apprehension which is shared by the group.
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Are Past Life Memories Always Accurate?

Past life memories are not always totally accurate. Sometimes it is quite clear that a recalled description is inappropriate for the particular time and place being described. Other times, there may be obvious inconsistencies. This in no way negates the validity of those memories. Nor does it make all that is recalled untrue. There are several reasons why some of the past life memories may be inaccurate.
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