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Time Tunnel

Travel through the Time Tunnel. Who knows where and when you will emerge and what waits for you on the other side.


Float effortlessly back in time to a past life that that has particular  relevance to your present life.

Meeting Your Guides

Meet your spirit guides and let one of them lead you back to a significant past life.

Have I Lived With You

Souls with strong emotional connections often live many lifetimes together. Who have you lived with before and how does it effect your present day relationship?

Soul Mate

Experience the special and total love connection between two people. Re-experience intimate and sensual pleasures from the past.

Your Inner Self

Get in touch with your innermost self, that part of you that represents your true essence and that part of you that retains memories from all your past lives. Ask yourself any questions because your inner self knows the answers.

Contacting A Deceased Loved One

Do you have unfinished busines with someone who is recently deceased? Do you just want to say goodbye? Are you seeking closure? If so, this is for you.

Find out who you were in a past life!

Have you ever met someone for the first time yet felt as if you have known them before?

Have you ever arrived somewhere new and itís as if you had been there before?

These experiences could be the result of past life memories.

The fact that you are here means that you are at least curious about the possibility of past lives. I wouldnít tell you to believe in past lives, because that is something you need to discover for yourself. I can tell you that exploring your past lives is a fascinating and informative experience.

Can you imagine seeing yourself in the court of King Louis XV or as a Knight in shining armor riding into battle? I know you're wondering who you were in a past life and what kind of life you were living. Maybe youíll see yourself in ancient Egypt floating down the Nile on a papyrus raft or as a Roman Gladiator in mortal combat.

I donít know exactly what past life you will encounter. Thatís for you to find out. Perhaps you were someone infamous like the school teacher who saw herself as Captain Kidd burying treasure or someone famous like the young man from Calgary who saw himself as a Pope and who spoke two languages that he couldnít speak in this life. (You can read about the above two cases and more in the Case Studies.)

I wonder if you have already started to notice a sense of excitement and anticipation about experiencing your past lives. Imagine seeing yourself in another time, in another place and in another body. Imagine seeing yourself in ancient Greece or even Atlantis. One of the things you are really going to love about Past Life Regression is that you never know what you will experience. The possibilities are endless.

You are reading this with a purpose in mind, wanting to improve and enrich your life, and deciding which downloads you wish to purchase.

- Explore the relationships and events of your past lives, so you can understand and improve your present life.

- Open to the unlimited possibilities within you.

- Get in touch with your innermost self.